Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspiration and a great Scrabble word~

Oh, the muses! Why is it that they delight in waking me up at 3 o-bloody-clock* in the morning with flashes of inspiration? Feast or famine it seems like, and they have not a care in the world... evil blessed things.

But yes, flash of inspiration, three a.m., and me fumbling about in the semi-dark [only semi as I have a wee booklight for just such situations. I have learned from the wickedness of the muses.] to record the flash in as much detail as I could without fully waking up. Why do they do this, too, on work nights? I'd have gotten up and typed like a fiend if it were Friday night [or more properly Saturday morning] and I could sleep in, but no...

I find that I shall be like a woman possessed on my breaks today to get the outline fleshed out and words written to give the outline rudimentary form. This is one of those kernels of inspiration that won't wait, which is good as my 'to-do' list is ever growing and few items are actually getting crossed off it. Perhaps this flash is what the muses ordered to get the log jam opened up and more words flowing. I hope so, because it's going to be a heavy tea drinking day.

*This is an example of tmesis, which is splitting a word into separate parts with other words occurring between the parts. It's absolutely genius to use playing Scrabble! Why yes, we did have two snow days, why do you ask? *Grin*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new year~

New years are always fun things. They are fresh slates and new pastures to be explored, and that sense of limitless possibility always breaths new life into creative fronts.

They also help me rein in and look at realistic commitments. I've got my cast of characters for PanHistoria mostly organised in terms of their personalised homepages, as well as where and how they will be playing for the time being. Now that much of the framework is erected, I will focus on the luxury of filling it in and doing so with care and deliberation. There is no sense in rushing and finding that I need to redo everything, for the process is as satisfying as the end result.

I am also hearing the new stirrings of older stories that had gone into the realms of creative fallowness. I will be giving myself until March to let them fully awaken and emerge before picking them back up to write. They won't be going onto PanHistoria at the moment, mainly because they are different and more private stories to be nurtured by myself from the beginning until the end*. To do this, I will be using the Novel-in-Ninety approach, which is to write 750 words a day for 90 days on your main novel. The idea is to write amidst all of the other things life brings to you that day, including but not limited to sick pets, algebra homework, and really fun RP threads that are begging to played in. We'll see how this goes. If it fails, then I begin again. If it works, I celebrate.

* The exception to this [there is always an exception] will be Vanth's story. That short will be written and go into the novel Short Cuts as part of Gwynne's Equinox Road: Tales from the Broken Worlds as an Autumn Tale.